F for Flamenca #NaPoWriMo2021

Flamenca (also known as Seguidilla Gitana or Sequiriya) carries a fast staccato rhythm. This spanish poetry form is a quintain (5-line stanza). There can be any number of stanzas in a Flamenca.

The syllabic structure is 6-6-5-6-6 . These syllable count per line imitate the rapid click of the heels of a flamenco dancer. Lines 2 and 5 assonate(same vowel sounds). Modern versions of this form often just simply rhyme lines two and five.

Here’s my attempt at a flamenca :-

April my dear retreat
How you enter my home
The smell of the earth
the sun, sweltering hot
fertile dreams of my loam.

Loins of a berry tree
lying on the bare sand
The harsh beauty of
a barren loneliness
taking over the land