M for Mondo #NaPoWriMo2021

Mondo is another short form of poetry that comes from Japan. The idea is to pose a question in the first stanza and then try to answer it in the second. A single stanza of a Mondo has 5-7-7 syllabic structure knows as a Katuata (side poem or a half poem). The Mondo is pretty similar to a Sedoka but varies in terms of the subject matter, which is nature for mondos. This form was used as a religious training method by monks in the past, written in the spirit of Zen and encapsulating an observation of natural surroundings. It was sometimes written by two different poets.

Here’s an example :-

The Sun in glory
and a shallow creek, how it
begins before it begins?

Nature finds a way
Grain by grain, the hills falter
A valley soaked in beauty

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