D for Dodoitsu

The dodoitsu(which sounds a lot like Jiu-Jitsu) is a Japanese poetry form developed in 19th century. As with most Japanese forms, like the haiku, or the tanka, the dodoitsu does not have meter or rhyme constraints, focusing on syllables instead.
This 4-line poem has a total of 26 syllables; 7 syllables in the first three lines and 5 syllables in the fourth and final line. The form, tone and structure of Dodoitsu is said to have been derived from Japanese folk songs. These poems often focus on love or work with a comical twist.

Here’s an example by Robert Lee Brewer (Senior Editor at Writers Digest)

when a geologist speaks
& the earth trembles seven
meteorologists get
sucked in a twister

Here’s one of my attempts (not about love or a comical sattire) –

I call it what I see it
But they have blindfold on one
All heil the creed of the hour
Truth is the new jew.

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