I received a letter from your town
with the envelope of self-sufficiency
I couldn’t dare to open it
The stamp of your fragrance spoke
louder than what I could hear.

Your words, your letters
your hieroglyphic text
your vocabulary that I couldn’t catalogue
Your theories that were far beyond my grasp.

For the love that never lasted
and I wanted to enchant you at any cost
flickering fiercely like a burning star.

You explained to me about every cell
every tissue, every organism
and the world’s need to reproduce.
You divided Philosophy by biology.

You taught me how free will is
just an electromagnetic phenomenon
And how our nerves are mere conductors
Your so called modern thinking
wrecked my archaic self.

And how you framed the equations
fitting in the emotions
into a cost-profit formula
I remember it all too well.

I tried to change your mind
I tried to change your heart
I wrote endless rhymes for you,
forging innumerous metaphors.

But I could not reach you across
Distances or time, across the climes
I couldn’t cross the bridge of thoughts
that seprated us.
In darkest of nights, in lonely terror
I leapt for you but couldn’t hold on.

I woke to find my life had bled
Uncertainty and too much cowardice
I opened up the letter from my soul
to find my spirited parts had turned to ashes
and I felt you by your energy.

I was abandoned, brittle, and deformed
but I knew you existed somewhere
you thrived and blossomed
like only you could
My morality died a painful death
and I could not find solace.


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