Paint Me

I am an old soul
My spirit is of the land and water
And fire and air
The fresh breeze of my fatherland

I am soft at core
Encapsulated in coarse body
Rugged looks
Hoping to be a muse to someone

So paint me like I am poetry
And like other artistic forms
Put your imagination into me

Paint my scars
Don’t cover them up with those
Brush strokes of your calmness
Instead heal them
With your colours of wildness

Paint me like I am a metaphor
Lost in the ocean of your depth
Smiling at whatever little joy
Is thrown at me.

Put shadows and flames
Where my essence needs a spark
Blend me with the pastels
Of hues that illuminate
My purest parts.

Brighten me with the light
With your artistic precision
Paint my body, my soul
My spirited bits divine
Paint me with such sublimity
Making me the best piece of your art.


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