The Human Flame

To the divine blessings that
Burn the midnight lamp
In an old man’s hut
Holding tight, the hands of his woman

Every coarse scrap of the skin
Dissolving slowly into the
Darkness that waits beyond the night

The oil that rubs into the palms
Drudgery of moving mountains
The flocked perspiration
Borne out of the centuries of,
Long days and short nights

Eyes meeting for the mourning ceremony,
Of the once-celebrated love
That didn’t know to speak
Or whisper in the coldest nights

But these shared smiles are priceless
In a country short of metaphors
Gently dancing to the fierce tones
Tacked to the body as a biological necessity.

The fires that didn’t have the eternity
to burn down the Half buried cravings
Hoping for one sad revival

From the crests of corrosion
The youth, the yesteryears
Which passed too soon
On the floor of a melting life

The Silence is loud,
the grief is consoling
The time ticks and tricks
Frazzled by the clock,
the human flame extinguishes.




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