I have walked through countless isles
holding the feigned pride on my face
Wondering, how such beauty has been
riveted in your deep sable eyes.

Endowing measureless time
in search for the words
to aptly describe your flair

Scrutinizing every inch of
your petite words
the life warping truths
that shudders me down to nothingness

You, who have clasped me
with this impercetible strand
Oh! how staunchly have you collared me
into the tenebrosity of your charms.

With each passing hour
I have uncovered your wicked slant
out from your sinlessness complexion
These vicious charms, that cut through me

The string you have interwreathed me with
Bloating up now, like an illusion
Your untenable quantum gravity
Conquered with the final crumb of my firmness.


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