The morning dew, that slips into the eyes
The soft warmth of the sky
The nobles of my mind
Building wonderlands amongst mountains of reverie

From the husk of the soul
They contrive the fragile roofs
The painless paths to the blue

The inevitable lights construe
The crescent depth of the clouds
Reaching the conscious creeks,
The branches that bear fruits

The salt and the sorrow
That my mind consumes so graciously
The air that fills my voids
Where idiosyncrasy  meets consonance.

But the confinement of the dawn
That dampers beauty to the edges
Where I am naked, singular before the god

It slids under the cloaks of hopelessness
Where I hold sighs of love
The fading warmth, gently sucked into nothingness
The muses fade, as the rays of certainity
shine into my dwellings.

Pic Credits- http://donmezerm.deviantart.com/

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