Reviving the erstwhile love

I hold onto my vices
After years of distance apart us
Today, I love you suddenly like
some gold nugget found on a street

The stiffness that stops me from bending
and pick it up from the sand
bursting through my obdurated pride.

On my chest is the gesture of eternity
where you have spent nights my love
Your eyes that live in mine

I need you because your soul
Teaches me, like the ages, like the sea
When you walk through the familiar routes
Where everyone is beautiful but us

Let us part ourselves from history
and realize the bitterness in each other,
in some candied poetic ways.
And then be united,
out of the spiritual compulsion

I will fill your curiosity
with my new ways of enthrall
Your green eyes will shudder
and your heart will dance to a strange rhythm.

An intrigue of nights we shared
A soul of souls that lives on
A part in me and a part in you.


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