The Artifice of AI


I woke up from a delta snooze,
Into a universe of Quantum Computations
And all of the serenity was soaked up
Into a boundless electromagnetic mesh.

There were no moths or termites
But web crawlers, spiders,
Robots hunting down queries
In an oblivious world.

Conspicuous lights, useless pigments
Streams of motion, pictures, media
Pop ups settled aloft browsers
Like rainbows on the mists.

I came forth and opened my entryways
of routers, circuits and ports
Only to invite unfamiliar guests
Anonymous Programs, piggybacked.

Saturated with digital piquant
I am in a world
Where love is a software
Like primitive necessity of flesh and blood.

Chewing the corruption, sipping the bugs
Brought to me in cybernated packets
A fleet of viruses, worms and Trojans
Like an army of veils.

I am surrounded with spurious narrative
Gripping stories that earn clicks
Pulverizing through a cost profit equation
A uncowed derision encased in gluttony.

I am suffocated in opulence of
these reverse engineered metaphors,
A binary logarithm of simplicity,
A perplexing generation of Artificial Intelligence.


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