B is for Bestseller


I started writing when I was 13. I composed awkward rhymes…ask my instructor Virat Taneja…Yes Virat Taneja…not Kohli. I used to compose a lot of funny but grammatically clumsy rhymes. Within a few years, with Academic world hurling me in its wind, I had practically lost the craft of writing…making rhymes appeared to be hard to me. In 2012 I chose to rejuvenate my ability and aimed at composing at least a dozen Poems in about couple of months. I joined http://www.writerscafe.com. I found a great deal of capable artists out there…And then I found, the person whom I consider my Guru, Wuji Seshat. Though he never taught me how to compose, His lyrics appeared to be astounding to me. What’s more, Although I was never able to completely catalog his Poems, I knew that what he wrote was just exceptional….I might likewise want to thank an Anonymous Friend, who is now lost to the winds of change. I took to Free Verse Writing, Rhymes were not appealing to me any more.So things happened and I became a better poet, I wrote a lot, got published in a few magazines around the world. At that point in 2014, Dale from Show-Me Doctrine read my cumbersome verses and decided to publish them.

Sales were poor, ridiculous numbers, heartbreaking too. I wanted to be read and praised. Money was never an aim. 22 months after publishing my book, I decided to reprice my book and publicize it to the masses. And within a couple of weeks I entered into the Bestselling List.

Today, Apr 6, 2016, I have topped the Amazon India Kindle Bestsellers List. After Staying at #3 for a day…I finally moved to #1. Also, what could be all the more fulfilling then seeing your book lying amongst the All-time Classics – ‘The Prophet’ by Khalil Gibran, ‘Gitanjali’ by Rabindranath Tagore, ‘Leaves of Grass’ by Walt Whitman and Shakespeare’s Anthology. I am drifting around #17 in the general Book Ranking, in category Poetry, at Amazon India, another Bestselling tag. I am not going to be there for long that is without a doubt. The Ranks continue jumping here and there, I hope I can stay up there for a day or two. Let’s see.

I know it’s not a groundbreaking achievement when I look at the Ranks at amazon.com (Worldwide) but that just means that my book has been sold (and appreciated)a lot more from amazon.in (In India) than it has been sold from amazon.com. I would hope that more and more People buy my book from around the world and can read and enjoy my work.

It is certainly one of the greatest and happiest moments of my life. Its day like these, that we live for 🙂


Bestsellers list- http://goo.gl/hoRhWT

Buy from Amazon – http://goo.gl/3SPQNP

Buy from Amazon India- http://goo.gl/zloUKF



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