Beloved,Why is it that my heart
is filled with love for you
And your spirit hangs in a strange darkness
where omnipresent is the hatred for me
Even though my selfishness prays for you.

Beloved, I have lived in
“I can do anything for you”
And you turn your face from me
As you have been blessed with a better life.

Beloved I dreamt of you in strange invisible
Planets out of reach
Where my cosmos would teach you love
But from the impossible crowds of reality
Some watery foam caught you.

Pushing you away from me
Beloved I only wished to
abolish my ignorant vision and flaccid mortality
Your stunning inner beauty
its the path I wanted to tread.

Beloved I only wanted to
Flood the sun-worlds of futures unknown
and finding your reach in ports of costlier infinity
Soundless, you began communicating without words
Carrying cities in your green echoes

Beloved, It is at moments after I have dreamed
That you gave your soul in slippery sleep
That I remember the rare memory of your eyes
The peculiar mouth of so much wisdom
an intolerant brightness that couldn’t pierce.

Moments , without your dilemma of flutes
From some enchanted shore of victory with trumpets
What I called Beloved, was never mine
My soul, She is now learning to live anyhow.


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