The Blaze Within

You were a star from a foreign galaxy
I saw your light , enlightened my soul from it
felt the blaze that you had in your core
I saw the luminosity ,you had earned
through ages of burning…
burning yourselves from the  inside….
for how many years ?

You have given me direction
in darkest of nights
I followed the paths
that I discovered when you shimmered

I thought that you were
the true meaning to my life
that you were the essence
for my existence

But you flickered
Your luminosity diminished
as you started to turn away from me

I trembled at the thought of winter-tide
frowned with terror

It was only when you turned away
that I realized that you were merely a
mirror to me
that you were a sputnik
and I was the star
burning bright
from ages
my core had been blazing
from centuries
even before time existed


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