We still dream for compatriots
And we let the sun
cuddle us before the dawn
Enter us like the stagnant years

I have know the sun’s breast
ever since my evolution as a poet
I’ve felt mettle in my blood
running through my veins
of my crystalline serenity

I see your footprints
at havens I held you
the best of my existence
the pinnacle of my wealth, of poverty

Having you, was my last refuge
in a life graced with utter despair
So I dreamt your candied voices
from better times.

While the haze of bittersweet hours
ran briskly in the air
I slept to dream our distant future
the wedding of our dreams
that lurk half wittingly on our lips

There is a silent stream running
that finds a way to the ocean
of love bound bliss.


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