The Kid from the Street

There lives a boy in my street,
7 years old, merely 3 feet tall
he quacks like the ducks
and boy oh he sucks

He chirps all day
and doesn’t mind making fun of you
shouting, running around in our subway
often makes fun of my old man too.

I always wanted to teach him a lesson
But after what I heard today…..
I heard his mommy is dead
and I am all jolted, can’t find a word for a tear
neither a rhyme for the dead.//

May be his father beat her up again
and she took some bitter pill.

Or may be she had a heart attack
one they mentioned to the people.

I can’t find the kid on the street
He must be inside his house
sobbing, blubbering, whimpering,
holding the dead corpse
of his mother


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