The Void from which a Star was born

Like life, like familiar guests
Your mind, your anger management issues,
your categories and dissections
Your theories, your needed to know yourself
Needed to know how for months, years, I listened patiently
To your arguments, until I was
Carried off in my head by you.

All these weeks, I have played with castles in the air
For years I felt belittled by your logic
Your floating world,dreaming of the future
Planning, assimilating, dividing my life
Into cost, benefit and formula

For years I thought I wanted what you wanted
I thought you were for me,
And I was a perfect melody for your voice
To profit, exploit, progress, become a success

I thought you were my harmonic achievement
A gift from constellations, galaxies and gods I praised
I thought your soul was the debt
that you payed for my humble adulation.

Your alchemy of religion, I couldn’t catalogue
I may love the Atheist mind, but I’m not
Athiest, I was not a social bird
Under a purely patriarchal lens
Maybe I wasn’t born to melt out stars from the cosmic voids


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