Burning Soul

In the mirror I see
the guilt on my face
The flames of neglect scorches my eyes
And the heat of my burns
conflagrates states of conflictions
Inflicting afflictions
I am consumed by the fire of my promises,my vows
wretched in my lucid insanity

Smoldering aspects of my mortality
Clutches onto my lonely heart
Only sinks me further
into the labyrinth of uncertainty
I have been searching the shore of certainty
in this drowning world
Only to Spark inner confusions & incinerating accord
Precisely savage memories
bring me to down to ashes
and my dead and dry dreams
so much ignitable.

Through clouds of vexation
my eyes cannot see far
Veiled by the darkened fumes of disharmony
Visibly, I see myself dying
But I am lying to the universe
While behind smokescreens of “well-being” I hide..

Deep into my retinas
somewhere in my vision
the flame in my eyes could be seen
coming from my burning soul
something that tears can put off…?


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