Ode to My Heart

Pushed into the love mirage
to embrace the sweet pains
be-fooled with unkept promises
through the spectra of time.

Accustomed to being disrespected
being pushed around
mistreated with indifference profound.

All it has known of is love
and the woe it brings
when in the divine zone,
a false hope again rings.

It no longer has the vision
to look into the wind that withers
as the image of the love dithers.

But I bring an ode to my heart
because it never ceased
even though my heartbeat stuttered
in the so called iridescence of love
it was there to keep me alive,never fluttered

And it still beats in my body
Like a soft spot in my chest
and the beats get louder
as star studded hopes light me with their blest.


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