Don’t be alarmed at my pessimism
Stand still and watch how I will be hurting who I used to be
Its intriguing how I have come to pass
My ‘used to be’ shadow
is now filled with forgiveness

My trans-personal struggle,
I’m done with myself, done with her
it’s not their fault,nor mine
It’s just history,falling all over again, on my toes

The cowardice, embarrassments and moral victories
Everything has waded into flowing gratitude

I cannot help the turbulence
the sturdy, growing soreness, the people
who were theater artists
It’s all a question of timing,harmony

I’ll be myself all over again
Wear my dejected shoes if need be
to walk down the subway
holding a piece of art in your eyes.

Keep quiet, I’ve forgotten so many things
I no longer have doubts about
the universe inside of me
It has grown into its own being,
even my free-will has a structure.

So we break every physical law, every single constraint
And make a story to get through the hours
Then hold our hearts to kneel down in the grass
and lift our freakish eyes with grace
never thinking, knowing, what might have been
laughing with wings open, ready to fly.
Setting aside our consciousness
which keeps drifting like a hawk
leaving the nest for good.


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