A Treatise on Poetry

The sky forges me again into
The phrases of mutual receptivity
Among the bare solemn words
Of frugal intonations.
The hymn of the sacred silence
That transcends from the purity of the woods,
In perfect harmony with the oneness.
The metaphors that define legacies,
That harvest the biographies
Fostered in literature, private and rapture
Feinted in patience of forsaken love.
Stanzas construe, Words proximate
Identities, like bittersweet self-portrayal
The chorus of poetic progenitor-ship
From sunlit memories to deflated hopes
The strange celebration of syntax
Dancing and lingering in hysterical tones
Stanzas pushed to the brink
The anticipation of new seasons
Wavering, to redden the crimson imagery
From the delicate diamonds of diction
The chromatic irony in me
The last residue of soul, hungry for verse
Starving in the urgency of realism,
Alive with the dignity of author-hood
To fulfill the crowning purpose of poetry.

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