No Beauty in Love?



Let me hide the truth
inside the depth of language,
Inside the orphanage vitality of my poetry
Let beauty be nullified by senses
There is no beauty in love,you believe.

You said you can’t feel love for me
Time’s incandescent temporarily.
Let love be manifested by necessity;
The body’s fake dreams.

Even as my Beloved I love you
I know you were not sentient
Did not love the highest things as I do
I wanted the communication of souls.

You try to blend me with
the impoverished, short-living purity
But I stand fathom
Your spiritual poverty keeps you down

Let nothing resist those credentials
That goes to the core of someone
That makes their heartbeat flutter,for someone
To love and understand them synchronously.

There are no possible paths for it,
No aisles over heart
But to love somebody, selflessly,
One that you never tasted.


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