Our thesis of Poetry

In the beginning,it was induced by rhymes
plane and empty as the contemporary
with a incessant drop of transparency
wrapped in the clarity of thoughts,not emotions
Before the grey sky of elation glowed.

Like writing verses for the realm
In the transcendental taste of life
I explore aroma of admiration,
the modesty of the rhythmic tones,
the prelusion of exhilarated love.

In the smooth articulation of our complexion
I embrace the genre of wisdom,
the unremitting multiple forms
of pride and vehemence
in the subtle variations of diligence.

My muse is my sewing machine
from what I tailor my finest emotions
into the crude language of my subjective hinges
I embroider them with metaphysical attributes
A reworking of the text of our artistry.

The one poetic soul, that breeds in a poetic terrene
who redefines life in plains of imagination
uttering the impossible, in the gentle voice of literature
Whispering in the corners of sudden embraces
A blueprint to the thesis of the soul’s obligations.


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