Faded October


I hide myself behind the walls of my secrecy
a fake smile to wear
My dry,dead dreams,getting pale
even before the autumn chill could appear.

I had to murder my own dreams
and stab all my plans
My memory is stained,
scarred by the virtuality of my dreams.

I am wounded by love
hauled by poetic muse that I embrace
I heard my heartbeat flutter
but I cherished the early pain with grace.

So my heart is bleeding
from the scars that I had to hide
I start to lose the colour of my heart
As I feel the bad smell of hope that died.

I am now broken into pieces
All my plans that I laid
consume my soul from inside
as this festive month fade.

So October has faded finally
as all things fade one day
And all the so called happiness
that September did pay
I see it all,turning to dust
clutching my spirit with great dismay.


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