The Gift of Rain

The summer sheds her gifts again
It’s July, and the world smells like heaven
The rain pours down over my stone-glazed soul
The Sun shines with a definite narrowness
My gladness carries you in my heart

Crimson and sensual, like splashes of mud
You glow like a humid serenity
Wrapped in your cloudless silence

It reminds me of places of heavy rain
And dancing endlessely like a quasar
Emitting.happiness until you would reach your threshold.

Its that season again, where I had lived
And where I shall end my life someday
In waiting endlessely for your voice
In search of the months,you tended me

Dreaming of your hair that fall too often over your eyes
As it pours down again
I have become something so beautiful
That I can match your randomness
It’s July, and the world must be good near you

Like a woman with untidy hair
The bouquet that was our affection has
Become messy, passionate with a fragrance
For an obsession to strong to be avoided

Of growing hidden buds, that might at any moment
Bloom, ready to die, is there anything as
Romantic as the rainbow, that stands fathomable over your roof ?

How possibly could you know?
The sickness that turns my grief into love
The heart thats meant to love even in rugged detest.


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