Your Perfection gives me Nightmares

You are like a shining star
far from my planetary stainlessness
separated by our geometric distance.

I cannot stand your fathomage
I am a blurred piece of art
I tremble under your frost.

The weight of holy breeze,
the coldness of seeing you
I want to plant your pilgrimage
inside my heart

I want to keep you close,like a brocade
It’s the taste of you, opalescent winter-dawns
I am lured by your perfection

I’m dying like a mythical bird
on the verge of extinction
So unsatisfied talking with you

My periphery vibrates to your rhythm
seeking your engrossment
And to breathe under our tree of remembrance.

My dreams smolder my nights
The days are distasteful
as the last ash of my tears.


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