The Night is Dark again

I am only a poet
I can barely call myself a writer
but an introspective reader
of my virtues, and cabalistic wisdom

I am only semi-literate
I can barely call myself ‘educated’
Don’t be so harsh on me
I do not understand Anatomy

Your trances of Cyclothymia
Your letters home, to your Gods
That no longer pass through
my nearest Post office

Don’t be so Strident,
With your ego that circles me
With your worldly wisdom
I am not too smart, may be,not at all
I never dreamt to be a lawyer

Your words are heavy to catalogue
Do not speak of such higher forms to me
I haven’t studied vedic literature
Haven’t seen the bright lights

You might call me a pessimist
Among idle dreams, a feigned professor
A crackpot that leans on nature,
Cosmology, Quantum Physics

I know how everything has been
outlawed between us
you may call another bookworm as your friend
You don’t have to be shameful for my existence

And perhaps, you can make an excuse
To yourself, to your beautiful cousin
of how ‘we’ came to pass
And make up a story of what happened to me
After you have left me semi treated

You are a Medico after all
You do not fall in love with your patients,
But you know me well enough I guess
To know what you are leaving

You were the mother of my dreams
a bride to all the desires I held close,
the best and the only lover I ever had.


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