A little wayward…but perhaps that what happens when emotions are too intense.

Do you still remember this day?
This very day, an year ago
You stole my life from me
Shattered my heart into a thousand pieces.

Do you remember?
How possibly could you
I doubt if you even remember the season
when it all happened

When the light disappeared into a pit
of pith dark synonymy
When even most the trusted isles
drowned me at the shore

I doubt if you still have the glimpse
of the most grim hour of my life
an year of tormented desire

How possibly could you know
What it means to be
Broken, shattered, crumbled to fragments

You were busy celebrating,your glorious victories
without me, with new companions you had made

I doubt now, do you even remember me?
Your intimate, potent mate
I stood by your side
when your deities turned away from you

I was the brightest star of your star -studded sky
I burned more bright
when it was the darkest
And while you arrived at your dazzle
I ran out of my fuel.


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