The Heedless Lover


Ever since you nodded in wisdom
I knew I had been hurled out of your golden life
But who knew, In severance
I would grow more desperate to touch your heart.

I knew I had touched you once too often
I had ambushed every moment
Till it all faded,disappeared into the boundary
That was your face, your thoughts.

I kept calling my heart back all night
I pleaded my soul to stay
But it was lost, lost in you

And every other morning, I would lose hope
And pretend to myself that I will leave early today
For good, but I would deceive my heart
to stay a little longer

I would mimic our past in sobbing
And lament for my earthly woes
Though silently you pretended to understand
In leaving I realized you hadn’t a clue

So I emptied out your Wardrobe
Of all the life that I gave to you
All the sacrifice I could offer you
That you wouldn’t lean down to pick up.

And I stuff my lonely sheets and broken stylographs
into rambled bag of friable-d memories
that I had spruced up in love
In listening to your stories of pain

I aged into a hopeless mimic
In the one long year of heart-break
I touched you once too often
When I was with you, and when we were apart

The last time I saw you
The last time I ever heard your effeminate voice
You honored me with your heedless Love
And your Oblivious farewell
has left me with an incurable scar.


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