Another hopeless Poem



I am a vocal instrument of sorrow 
intonated and modulated in my own poverty 
robbed of the sweetest music 
deprived of my last melody. 

I am a mirror of touch, 
perception of virtuality, 
sound of a portrayed silence 
adorned by my senses of grief. 

I waited for love,once given 
Received in chunks of my last meal 
Since she left,my heart beats cold 
my eyes live in clouds of vexation. 

I am a sufferer of gravity 
Under the weight of separation 
I have been thinking of her 
A thought too dangerous to grow. 

But my sophistication is my simplicity, 
so I keep on loving what I love 
For the time I shall live 
Though the time isn’t eternal. 

The affliction of her buds remain 
heavy as the Autumn air 
And my faded feelings regrow every morning 
in the memory of last spring. 

The burial of all the hope in me 
She scented like a gentle flower,once 
Now I must seal my emotions 
and sleep under the ray,keeping me alive


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