I want to be with you


I want to be with you
To live the moments
When your lotus eyes summoned
the goodness in me, like some honest confession
Sudden flowering, I picture your eyes
Like the light of the world

Your language, like the petals
Your golden face, some miracled heritage
Tangled in your full and towering hair
tied in some beautiful depth of night

And the touch that consumes me into heavenly lights
I want that touch to last forever
I want to hear your voice as if,
To swallow every falling word from your mouth
With my ears and my soul.

And contemplate your perfection
As completely as anyone ever could
And find your heart in infinity,
grated in some sugary fragments.

I want to be with you
to find the purest melody of your silken-grin valor
and key to your spirited singularity
The kind of endless life and joy
Only you could render me with.


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