Beauty is forever churned in Ressurection

In the garden of the solitary world
I hear your voice, with potent mates
New Friends, amorous, family, acquaintances
That you embraced after I fell from the sky

Moonlight, springfields, unknown skies
Wisdom spilling through quivering eyes
All so very beautiful to me

And Resurrection, over and over again
In so few seasons, how can it be?
Quantum after quantum,Wave after wave

Beauty, truth, the slumber of time
Unfolded Out of the biological necessity of the universe
Observed, realised, the necessity  of bonding
In the mystic farmlands of the world

I hear your lies, vibrant, ecstatic under time shifts
Enemies, corrupts, inconceivable all under one face
Still this land is beautiful to me

So much transformation, sympathy without justice
Years without greatness, or hope
Shaping ourselves in illusive reality
that leads to the path where lies the last clues of our grand youth


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