We Were Dreamers


The whole season, we were dreamers
Of the light of the sun, our shared dream,
Of the air of the spring, that would hymn on our souls

The flowers gripped my miserable existence
That we felt the light of the roots of love  
But I could never trust enough
It came as if, too easily to me

I heard the testimonies of Earth
As if the touch of mysterious beauty
On my heart, and mind , with optimum fascination
With the dream filled glass of.hopes
A sip of the happiness of a lifetime

And we were dreamers of the night
Searching for moments to feel togetherness
And I rushed to miss you
As if my empty hours were attached to some ordinary pleasure
Of the weeping after all we have fled

You tell me to not remember the past
We lie among the deads and I feel
the burden of my past
Till I could swallow the truth to see
That there are no sticky feelings left
Only the dreaming of lifetimes
That flee in earnest for new suns
To speak a new language to your unsettled soul
And remember a memory older than light
Out where our unfinished hour lives.


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