Worth a Lifetime


I would rather drown, remembering
The beauty of your voice
the chorus of our short gatherings
than miss the opportunity.

Of optimal surrender,
burning with light over all thresholds
whispering the melodies of life

But to push me then
Cut me with the knife,rather
not with your words,
failure does not intimidate me
Only separation haunts my particularity.

As the natural force of love
I would pull you down to sky
to remind what you have forgotten

You enchant me foolishly,
while I leap over time
To catch up to your running feet
But you leave me sharpened with 
your harsh words

I run through clouds for you,
with a certain bliss
Elated, I hold primed concepts

Because I know what you are
the sky which I fell through
the light that glows my eyes
You are in the water that keeps me alive
and the air that thrills me to life

In the rubble of our childhood
I find the desire to hold this exultation
for a reunion worth a lifetime


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