Ode to a Swan Necked Princess

Swan-necked princess, daughter of sun
how subtlety Do I thrive in the precise moments of
simply gazing at you, grace-in-potion
Just knowing your voice and your words.

Inside the Rose of poetry,
and materialistic liberation of desire
coined by the certainty of departure.

Captivated by you and your unplumbed spell
Knightly and worthy for reverence
Brave in the artifact of my stirring faith
Daring in the valiant will of your feet
Serving you, generous and prime

Swan-necked princess,heir of light
How cherished are the spirits
Who seek your wisdom, Vibrant and lilac,
stacked with the perpetuity of tomorrows.

The future, God I bid it with a bit of you
All lie below the mud and clay while
I whisper of your elegance
and ponder over the sting of Separation
a ritual of slow and slumber impalement.

To the will-to-love,
and the urge for transcendent betrothal
In the trance of the poetic fire
and the flicker of forged wed-locks.


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