Divided by Seven Billion

To jump over synonymy”


I loved all that was to be
I cherished the sea of happiness
Walking through creeks and mountaintops
Relishing the ruby warmth of the sun

It all just turned against me
Drowning me into mountain steps
I sat in indefinite ridicule
Mourning over a holy death of
Who I once pretended to be.

I cried a silence of self-murder
Played the metre with impermanence
Till I could walk through my mind
The colors couldn’t make me smile
An elusive stain of swallowed sunsets

I became the victim of myself
Shot myself, self-slaughtered the principles
For living too idly in despair

I trained myself to be a sufferer
To be as wisely docile
Till I could jump over synonymy

That’s when I abolished my infinite greed
That which had trampled the homeless beggar too
That which once heard the screams and rushed past
I had abandoned my spirit for long

It was the time that I drank
All the poison of my memories
It’s when I laughed at abandonment
Of moments once lived
Never to be explored again

People who stumbled
And marooned from my life
It was the loneliness that bathed my soul
It was the solitude that I breathed

After I shouted my pain and parted from foolish fires
Setting free the blaze in my heart

It’s the inevitability that strikes me again

I cannot escape the iterated moment

I am divided by seven Billion


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