Two Roads

I have loved you in two ways

I have followed two roads 

those which diversify and never meet again.


I have loved you with two loves

a selfish love of my ignorant existence

and a love that which you deserve.


The one which is selfish

Seeks your heart and mind

It occupies me with you!

With my sufferings, with my little aims


Therefore I attach myself with you

In the addition of all other sensations

I have learned to hate you as well

In some unity for which I do not understand


But for the love which is pure

I feel your spirit rushing through me

I feel myself at a divine place

when I breathe your thought inside of me.


Its where I taste some fresh divinity

to feel you in every particle of light

To praise you like a goddess.


The love which is a bright light

that love is my only map

for reaching an unsurmounatble adulation

that which could guide me to a self-less ligature



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