Burning Soul

Today, I see no gleam

no hope in my eyes.

Its just the corpse of a memory

a memory held so close


Today, all the world’s fire has burned

In me so vigorously, until I am into ashes

where you can only find love’s absence,

in my last remains


Of the gathering of little callousness

and the last smoldering piece of mercy

Of how at each corner of this avenue

I have yet something to give, though to receive


The careful concern on my face

Must spend its lagging gasp in futile faith

And long-sought-for thirsts at


The threshold of untraceable-irremediable flights

Where in the crystal morning of

The vases of the known world


I watch the passing of another season

Another quickening year

These riddles, they carry me far into the future

These Chariots, they resurrect my burning soul


And all that burns with it,

dreams, images, rainbows,

they die and re-rise, 

in fruitless forms.


The nature tricks these charms

once again, with incinerating clouds

and untamed remembrance, more 

changing than the tides.


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