Two Legacies

You know, you should
live in the proudful joy,
in the thought that you 
encompass every thought in me
Through my heart of optimum surrender
I who wish you would stay
With me, my little overflowed veins
Glad enough to be in your service
You should be proud of the fact that
You are able to silence
my fibrillating heart
The heart of your attachment
Bolder, you’ve silenced them
Haven’t you? My thousand heart-beats
That didn’t know how to bloom
I watch you, like a pink rose
At the station, where I gasped
slaughtering me as you flee to another country
Another city, another poem
Sip the pride, that you belong
Everywhere, anywhere, a bright gold flower
Like a star in the milky way
You know how to run,
how to hurt, break, burn
You have filled me with poems to the brink
The last time I Saw you,our last meeting
you showed me little overflowed mercy
From Latin names, and your sugarless tea
You shouldn’t have frowned, though I couldn’t complain
Strung up on tightropes of your
baseless theories, you possess
Qualities of translation,
I couldn’t dream to have
There is no equal opportunity between us
We are just two strangers, very different
Lost in the crowd, the tango and language
Of all that I loved, yet could never possess.

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