Make me a Love Sonnet

If I pass away before love can revive
clobber me with the purity of theosophy
That in the next life, my divine coercion
Will flash the incredible murmur.
That will make me a love sonnet
With immaculateness and warm affection
I will go through my own golden patience
Since, in Love I’ll die a second time
To myself, once so selfish and egotistical
I will serve my clan, as is ancient praxis
Wooed by joys so terrible, biological ethics
And then I will echo our uniqueness
Of how we loved and lived our grand lives
And I shall brag, with irrevocable delight
in silent synapses of lovely metaphors
Those roses,I shall bury in eternal months
And with the light that endures, with the love
That consumes all the flowers, new lives will be made
To love again, with burning hearts, subtle beauty .



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