Silhouetted with Pain

I swear the hollowness was
more fulfilling then the intimacy
Such blessings, I could never pray for
I swear the failure was more dazzling
Than the candid joys!

Such being a sufferer
I have started to believe
that pain and poverty are
my mistresses.

Only such deep wounds could
wash away my deep thoughts
of holding you for all of eternity
You will it, Don’t you?

I will spare no words
About the good things
I will feed myself from my injuries,
my spills.

I will not forget the hardships or the struggle
that we faced, or the joys we shared
When my gentle smile knew no release
I will never forget our mutual celestiality.

I will write more and more
till the gods would want me too
Your name shall be camouflaged
In all that I ever do and say
Even in my death.



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