You are the descendant of the gods

I never saw your eyes before

never felt the beauty of your smile
You were truly the missing part of me
I was light of a tired moon
yearning to be eclipsed.
As the night grew darker
and the stars achromatized 
Whenever the fragile light disappeared
I  buried myself in the soft fields of fragility.
You are the veins that give strength to my heart
 the prayers that keep me alive
You,only you are the descendant of  the gods
who taught me to be naive.
But I fear you might fade away
like rainbows and butterfly wings
but your teachings would still breathe in my spirit
As I would always be here
subdued in the blankets of my poetry.

“”Just don’t forget my mangled angel
You belong to an abstruse bond 

of love at a spiritual level””



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