I was a burden to her innocence

Oh I can still feel those pleasant mornings
where every sunbeam was a poem
resonated by her peacock cries 
Tender as her pigeon gait.
For long,I lived in spiritual ease,
in saturninity and with extravagance
I’ve lived with ‘I can do anything for you’
searching packets of happiness for her 
My heart is weary as she has absconded
My trusting soul , so enervated
Verses and shadows are my only weapons
Pale as her wings are my hands now.
I cried in her hardships,
unknown to my own poverty
I prayed for her prosperity
in the golden seasons of prominence 
I embraced gods who once robbed her.
I floated in her world once
My finite needs were known to her
but I was a burden to her innocence
I was the mortal bit in her radiance
aspiring to acquire infinity for her.

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