Glimpse of the breath we shared

I want to have a glimpse
of the spared mist of rain
and what the haze holds in itself
I want to see you among the clouds
at the places where my life met the blue.
Places between my misery,
and your rich comfort
Places where I die
and you take birth.
I shall be speculating my familiar emotions
under the dullness of February
As you will gradually flare the world
like a November sun,late in your youth.
You have your own theories of love
lucid and clear as water
you leave no allowances for my temporariness
As a seeker for truth, 
I  realize the truth of our shared breath
With my philosophical verses
The relative distance of our thoughts
Your soul yet to be magnetized by love
Time had its wings
We have been known to each other,
Yet I want to look back
With the honor of our secret messages,like codes
We will be the bridge of the pacific,the  stars 
Where your image will ripen in me like certainty
Up to the infinite dark, the absolute of nothingness
You blend me with the creations brilliance 
And I rise to calm your worries of  sugary complacency.

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