Ode to September

Bienvenue,dear September 
Here you are, like a beloved mistress 
truely standing as the spring of my life. 

Thank you for bringing back the seasons of mist 
and mellow fruitfulness, 
Your wet sands of fertility 
and the damp air, of bliss. 

The gifts you once brought to me 
wrapped in crystal mystics of geometry 
how could I ever forget, 
my first few starry nights. 

The soulful peaks of ecstasy 
of love,of hope, of desire 
the end of my miserable days. 

Those showers, that washed the late summer 
the primitive biology, of existence 
and how you gave birth to love, 
how you raised it, like it will never fall down. 

It was perhaps the nature, conspiring 
to fill the fruits with ripeness to the core, 
and flowers with essentials for the bees. 

Thank you, beloved September 
Thy art the season of hope for me


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