The Infinite Step


Oh mother, you watched over me like the sky
As I,like the sun was alive in your belly.
You protected me for nine months like soft gold
Rejoicing when you heard my first opulent cry.

Arising into the heavenly realms
Your golden light illuminatined me
Lightened up my first tender vision
Glowed with infinite delight.

For the smallest movements,the tiny steps
you clinged to me like a star fixed in galaxy
Warming me in mystical glory of motherhood
for long you kept me wrapped in your maternal shield.

Over fields where I grew up
You watched over me,like a patient farmer
To see me open my buds
I was a little flower, scared of the world.

Oh mother,You are the all-pervading Cosmos
and I am just a tiny Photon particle
Soak me in your omniscient rain
to bring me to edification.
I will always be grateful to you.


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