An Abstruse Bond


We were married by the sun.
The summer winds tethered us
United by the bonds of poetry
tied in an unknown mysticism.

I live in your purple smile
bathing in your velvet charms
as we cherish the blinking diamonds
separated only by geometry.

I fill you with bravery, in frightened hours
feasting on the magical stare
the air that fills breath in me
The strength and its virtues that you lend my heart.

You bring me your spiritual flowers
to color my heart with the pure gold
We drink the crayons from the rainbows
Our artistry does unimaginable things.

You have held me in wavering tides
and savored my warmth in frosty days
Fuse me into your patient veins, sweetheart
and teach me the path of passionate tranquility.


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