Dreams and Diaries


There are no assuagements for my lungs
All that has kept me alive is a dream
Over wondrous islands of juvenescence
I see the sun breaching my realms.

A morning filled with woe
as I drag my carcass from rusty pallet
Slowly portraying another day
In ignorance of unknown metaphors.

In the Apical sense of a dream,that had your voice
where you promised to return to our summer creeks
making me to write more, and save my notes
in the brightness of inert air.

I have congregated here to write
To reinvigorate my frosty limbs
And drink all of your divine light that invades me
Embrace metaphors of your brooding elegance.

I ache for the drizzle of the words,
I sit and wait for them,in slow fields of fondness
To be nourished by angels of sky
And to live in your frondescence.

I want to soak myself in your grief’s vast peaks
In the middle of the jungle, blind along the paths
Blossoming over our pigments of shared moments
My heart fights along with you in this war.

Those roses I shall grow in eternal months
in these verses,garden of pure innocence
new echoes will come to life here
To dwell the passionate heart in love again.



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