In a country place, some grass and sand
Downhill the old suburban square
Winter has arrived.
Her gales design on me

The time’s revels and arcs of defeats
Should come undone, for me to omit
Years of my riches and buffoons
So I toast alone, not lonely though
As I carve out metaphors for new heirs
Commemoration to the liberty I have tasted close

The noble company of my soul
In the city bright lights,
it gets lost sometimes
In-between the hustling and bustling,
The toxins of the mortal crawl

Winter is about rebirth
About metamorpohsis, the journey within
It’s time when I let the sunlight
define my life
It’s time when I let the dew slide off my heart

I have let in all the pure chunks of nature
pouring out words, some goodness
The sky is clear and so is my vision
The deep breath never tasted so right.

Never Die before you Die

Lets run the train backwards
And see if the raindrops fly
Lets spill and refill, a cup of coffee
And walk towards the sky

Lets put back the flowers we plucked
Let tears fall back into the eyes
I know petals can’t survive the autumn
But just smile before you cry.

Be reckless before you start to care
And friendly before you fight
Be mighty before you start to fall
And loud before you go quite.

Swing yourself into the orbits
And hold hands before you let go
Maybe upstream is the easy way
You don’t have to go with the flow

Lets run the train backwards
And see if the raindrops fly
Lets spill and refill, a cup of coffee
And walk towards the sky

The world is full of heartbreaks
Just be faithful before you betray
The night gets darker and happy times fade
You won’t have to find a reason to stay

Let wreckage be upon you
Before you blossom out high
Let the truth be a way of living
Before you ever start to lie

Let it never ‘Let it be’
Be bold before you shy
Put the axe down, or pick it up
But never fail before you try
Never die before you die

Brand New Angel

There she is, a Brand new Angel
Carved out of the moon itself
Don’t be alarmed at her scars
That is just the usual stuff she wears

The whip of greed on her skin
The color of her wounds
Glitter of pink,red and green
You don’t have to look closely
To see the stains, so called stains

Carnivorous conversations
Eyes that cut deeper than the blades
Cuts that run deeper to the soul
And emptied pockets of pride
She has seen it all
She has seen real poverty, nakedness of the human soul

And she is the brightness of the night
The last sip of an emptied bottle
She fades into the light
Another shot of pain by dusk
Her veins are weary by the day

Angles are not meant to be perfect
Not in the real world atleast
But all the make up she puts on
Can’t make up for the pain behind her smile

She is the brand new angel
Here to earn some brand new scars
Here to earn a crumb of bread
For her belly full of lost desires

But she just wanted to be happy
She just wanted to share a laugh or two.
But Nothing is free in this world
Neither a smile, nor a shoulder.

I am the final singularity
of the big bang
Lost in Quantum translations
I do not claim to be the centre
of the universe
But a variable of life

Speck that flew too close to an eye
Voice that had sufism stamped
Water that was holy intoxicant
I am omni-potent, I am omni-present

I am the lather of turmoil
When I am encapsulated in the words,
When I am the ash of every emotion
I am the frowning light
That split the corners into shadows

My probabilistic distribution in space
Like the wisdom that defines us
I am that fragment of time
That refused to bend with gravity

I was stabbed

I was stabbed
In broad daylight
Over and over again
Unintendedly sliced

I was set ablaze
Torn piece by piece
Your truth had the power
To pierce the deepest
To unhitch all the scars you sewed

Truth, bittersweet
Plain and simple
Spirialing down my spine
It has basted itself
Under my veins

I am broken
I mourn something ordinary
Locked inside the room of my silence
I am drowning
In this turmoil,
Bubbling in my bones

The light of your smile
is too bright for me
But in darkness
I can’t keep my eyes closed

The air in my lungs
Burns my heart
The water, is like acid
Softening me up
to the pandemonium of grief

I have become a seed of hatred
My love is scorned
I am trapped
Inside my own mental cage

I was stabbed
In broad daylight
But if no one wants to take the blame
Then no one is to be blamed

UFC 226 Review: DC becomes a two division champion

All about MMA

UFC 226 turned out to be a great event. The PPV event had suffered a setback earlier when Max Holloway was removed from the co-main event of the evening against Brian Ortega due to him being experiencing some concussion-like symptoms. There were worries about Daniel Cormier’s fitness too when just one day before the fight during the Pre-Fight Press conference, DC tripped on a Speaker kept aside his chair and fell down strangely. He limped off the stage but thankfully it didn’t stop him from making it to UFC 226 and taking home the Heavyweight title.

The light heavyweight champion didn’t even need that long to claim the heavyweight title with a first-round KO of Stipe Miocic in the main event on Saturday night at T-Mobile Arena. Both fighters were able to find a home for their punches early on, but Cormier found his comfort zone once he was able to…

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I am going to paint a wall in my home
with pure white, a helm of a darker shade
for a tinge of silence, to glitter the things grown fade
come join me, and I will help you paint yours

I am going to put a mirror on that wall
So I can stare myself in the eyes for long
stare out the good in me, stare out what is wrong
come join me, and I will help you put yours.

The strands of love

In her eyes tonight
I saw so much love
Anticipations, expectations
Snoring from her mind

Her smile whispers to me
Her speech
That accent of vast blue
Swallowing my pride

She is fire
Like I am water
We need each other to be relevant

Your words taste like wine to me
Time is a memory
Of who we are
What we have been

There is no perfect tomorrow
but a thousand perfect yesterdays
We should rejoice, cackle
for we have been tied together
with the same strands of life.